Forrest Griffin Wants To Prove It Wasn't A Fluke

At UFC 76: Knockout, winner of the first season of "The Ultimate Fighter," Forrest Griffin upset former PRIDE Fighting Championships 2005 Grand Prix winner Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. At UFC 134 on August 27, 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Griffin, the one-time UFC Light Heavyweight Champion wants to prove that his rear-naked choke submission over the man who holds knockout wins over Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida, wasn't a fluke. Was it? 

it cracks me up these days watching forrest get all irritated at reporters lol

 I really dislike Forest Griffin.

I think Rua is going to come into this fight an absolute killer. He's back with Cordeiro, training with high quality wrestlers, strikers, and bjj'ers. Phone Post

 Forrest fan for life here. I hope he beats Rua the same exact way to show that the first fight was absolutely not a fluke.

The first fight wasnt a fluke, Shogun was just in bad shape and i think he will come in this fight the old Shogun from pride Phone Post

 Can't wait to see this fight!  War Griffin!!!

Like Griffin and Shogun.I believe on both fighters.

This could be a potential fight of the night...2 aggressive fighters...a fan of both but really dun understand why its is that Forest is underrated in this forum....I was damn surprised a while back when quite a number of people in this forum thought Rich Franklin would win in their last fight....

I believe Forest in his day is in the same class as Rampage, Rashad,... then slightly above this 3 are Lyoto and Shogun, any one of these guys could beat each other, just takes one tiny mistake.

Above the pack of course is we know who...he who is ridiculously good...JON BON BONES

Big fan of both fighters, so I'm going to make a comfortable place on the fence and enjoy the fight.

Neph - 

Big fan of both fighters, so I'm going to make a comfortable place on the fence and enjoy the fight.

I'm a fan of both fighters as well, but Griffin is my favorite so I always pull for him.  I have a soft spot for underdogs.  I hope it's a great fight and I think it will be.  :)


Did you hear him say, 'no. no pics.'? Harsh.

Eddy Wappa Ding Dong Snap On Socket Head - Rua by murder Phone Post

We havent heard that before.....