forrest would've been destroyed by

I don't think any of the TUF fighters can hang with the big dogs of their division. Both Nate and Diego will lose their fights IMO. The only person I would expect to become a top UFC fighter in his weight potentially would be Koscheck.

^^ You have to be trolling...please tell me you are?

please elaborate govnor...

woulda, coulda, shoulda.

I don't get all the Forrest hate. The guy is charismatic and humble, he was involved in one of the best fights in the history of the UFC, and went on CNBC and beautifully defended the sport that you all claim to love so much. Yeah, he came off of the Ultimate Fighter (and I know how much everyone here hates that show, because there's only 9,000 posts talking about what happened 30 seconds after it goes off the air), but he's quickly turning into the perfect ambassador for the sport. What more does the guy have to do to win you people over?

Forrest is tough and I am by no means a Forrest hater but had he tried to go toe to toe with Ian it would have ended with Forrest looking at the ceiling. That said I'm sure Forrest would have planned his fight strategy differently then he had with Elvis.

Forrest is very goddamn funny too!

If this fight was at HW, probably yes.

At 205 pounds, I don't know if Ian Freeman would do well, because of the weight cutting.