forrest would've been destroyed by

ian freeman,just watched forrests fight with elvis,and forrest wouldve been ktfo brutally in round 1 by ian!!

.....and that's why he didn't fight Ian. Forrest is like a brand new Pee Wee Herman bike, you don't wan't to wreck it already, you just bought the d@mn thing. Sure it's not as good as a Harley, but you can say it is and then not prove it.

Go Zuffa!!!

I think Elvis's standup is better than you give him credit for.


JoPe - Ian dropped out, that's not Forrest's fault.

And Forrest would have done just fine against him anyway.

You guys never shut up. Forrest has won his last two fights in the first round. Although it's not pretty, he and Stephan keep winning in the UFC. Forrest if 5-0 in the Octagon and Stephan is 3-1. What about Elivs? 1-4 or something? Freeman, 2-2-1? Who knows what would have happened.

Forrest would do fine with Ian on the feet and absolutely murder him
on the ground. It still would have been a first-round victory for Forrest.

in defense of Freeman's record, he was fighting at HW against Mir and Arlovski and people like that for most of his UFC fights.

Elvis was able to tag Forrest in large part due to being 6'3" like Griffin. Freeman is what, 5'10"?

I love how everyone keeps saying forrest will be destroyed by (insert name) yet he keeps winning.
I dont see all the flaws in his game that everyone else sees. Is there something wrong with my eyes? I just keep seeing him win. Is he just getting lucky? Some of you geniouses need to clue me in.

*** to all you retards. For the Record just because Forrest was on a reality TV show does not mean he is not a real fighter.
He has fought lots of big names and done very well. You guys need to get to the gym yourself because you can critisize who he has fought

I know some people might be bitter about the UFC pushing their TUF guys, but Forrest is the real deal - TUF just gave him the boost he needed to prove he belongs in the big show!

the haters on this board are incredible.

He has beaten a lot of really good people. I would love to see him fight Babalu or rematch Horn. He's the real deal.

Forrest reach and movement and STamina and Chin are too much for Ian

The way Forrest was fighting frank honestly Ian would have easily KHTFO!Ian hits a lot harder than Elvis and Elvis was rocking him bad a few times.

i woulda leaned towards ian

frank I like Forrest but he looked very sloppy that night but he got the "W" and that was all that mattered in the end.I think Ian would have beaten him standing the way  he looked that night easy.If Forrest wanted to take him down then yes it would have been a different fight all together but lately to me it looks like Forrest want's to trade on the feet more and Ian would have been a bad person to try that with that night.He did a great job getting the "W" though.

"lmfao @ this quote
'Some of you geniouses need to clue me in. '

  • wise words from a TRUE genius! "

Einstein couldn't spell either, fuckface

It's a valid point IMO...IF Forrest had fought the same way. I doubt he would have.

Forrest would have done well against Ian.