if i'm not mistaken, you hold black belts in both judo and bjj. as such, i would consider you very knowledgeable. My question to you is how do you feel the two arts compare? i hear all of the biased stuff on here everyday, but i feel you are in a position to offer an expert opinion.

thanks a lot.



That is Ricardo "Hellraiser" Teixeira executing a nice judo throw in a black belt BJJ match.

from speaking with him i can tell ricardo is very proud of his judo training. A very large amount of bjj black belts also hold high ranking in judo.


Very Cool!!


ttt for Ricardo to see

Wait wait wait....does this mean that I could actually combine the best parts of Judo and Jiu Jitsu and I wouldn't have to decide that I hate one or other...my world is caving in, what will I do with my time if I don't spend it here insulting one art or the other and all of its practictioners?


You are correct. I feel like my judo completes my jiu jitsu and vise versa.
In a jiu jitsu match if you start with a good take-down, you score 2 points and break his "spirit" down.
On a judo match you can use a lot of submissions like armlock and chokes, and win by ipon.

So judo and jiu jitsu are intertwined, one starts off where the other ends and vise versa.

TTT to JOE MOREIRA my jiu jitsu master and HUGO MELLO DA SILVA my judo master who is like a father to me.

Ricardo Teixeira.

Awesome response. As a Judoka and BJJ practicionier I despise these Judo vs BJJ threads.


marcos, thanks for the pics...
ricardo, thanks for the answer, oh, and nice throw. it kind of resembles a firemans carry. are you sure you don't wrestle also? j/k

Interesting throw.

Beautiful "kata guruma" Ricardo