Forum bugs thread.

Ok, there is sure going to be an insane amount of bugs. Let's start listing them.

1) when you create a thread, it lists your postcount as 0 posts. However, when you post thereafter - it lists your normal postcount.

2) Some user's registration date are appearing as 31st march, 2008. Could this because they logged in when the site was not complete and it has now overwritten their reg date?

Anymore any can think of?

3) The order of replies is messed up.

4) You can't embed.

Hrm, I just noticed that replies order. Your post appears before mine. Keep them coming.

Where do I go to update pro fighter information...?

I am missing about 3 fights from my record.

there isn't a forum for this.

let's make 72 posts per hour bitching about the bugs

gets steph an irish whiskey instead

Keep those bugs coming so we can make the great UG... GREATER!