Forum note...

I have been in the fortunate position to hand pick the most knowledgeable and even-tempered members of our community to be mods for this dysfunctional family we call the MMA.TV Catch Forum. Scuffler, Nathan, and Drew have all made excellent contributions, routinely make quality posts and have helped this forum and catch wrestling's respectibility grow.

Our newest mod here to provide leadership, quality control, and enforce our forum rules is Bill "Neckcranku" Cogswell. Everyone knows Bill has long been a part of the catch community and made excellent contributions in his own right. Welcome Bill!

Congrats Bill.I'm sure you'll be a great mod.



I can't believe that fair-minded and judicious Mat Pimp was passed over! :-)

Congrats Bill. Neck crank away!

Thanks guys! The first thing I am doing is banning anyone who wears plaid...

So what are you f'in sayin Jake!

What I'm not F'in even tempered!?

Congrats Bill!

Irish? Yes. Even-tempered? ummmm....


I'm sorry guys but Bill should had been a mod a long long time ago. Hurray for Bill!!!!! (can understand his typing better than his speaking :p)

What language is that anyway? I'm sure glad he knows how to type in american.

Of course with my hillbilly accent if Bill and I ever met we would probably need an interpreter.

"Of course with my hillbilly accent if Bill and I ever met we would probably need an interpreter."

LOLOL, that would be funny! I have a thick Boston accent, can't help it, sorry. I have to go Paaaark the Caaaaa, be baaaack laaater. :)

Congrats, Bill! We look forward to your input as always.

Congratulations Bill!!! That's wicked pissah....

-wes tasker

Congrats, Bill.

Congrats Bill!