Found these in the bargain bin

Found all these Pride DVDs in a bargain bin at a big box store. $5-10 each. Will be getting many more as they had about 40 individual DVDs. Phone Post

Good stuff that's an awesome find. Phone Post

Posting blind for OP:


Lockerroom Fever is my personal favourite. 10/10 sir. But seriously who needs 151 when you have this collection. Pride FC 1-5, Shockwave 2003-2006, Championship Chaos II, Cold Fury 3, Openweight GP 2006. Phone Post

Where did you find such a collection?

For Canadians I found tons of 'Pride Fighting' DVDs @ Zellers. $4.99 for single events and $9.99 for box sets, dropped about $100 and am just getting ready to watch Shockwave 2004 with a bud who hasn't seen it. No homo.

If you're new to the sport they also have boxset seasons of TUF for $9.99. Homo. Phone Post

Went out and got more from the bargain bin, including the 2000 GP To anyone in Canada you should really get to your local Zellers. Each of these have been either $4.99 or $9.99 Phone Post

god dammit our zellers closed down like 10 years ago

edit: no wait that was kmart!!!

I got Pride 1-5 boxset= 5.99

Pride 23 = 2.99

UFC 48= 2.99