Fowler sport inj clinic at western

Where exactly is the Fowler sport injury clinic located at western.Which building.Do you have to have insurance to go there or does ohip cover it???

No ins. needed, ( I love OHIP) but tell them u r an athelete or it will take u many months instead of a couple weeks to get an appointment. I dont remember exactly where it is but its not hard to find. When u call to set up your appt. they can tell u.

BTW what did u do??


I could just call them.

I bummed up my knee.Go ahead Dougie and call me a wimp.:)

I'm rolling with a broken elbow and you whine about your knee!? I can't feel whatever I grab! (Good thing I can beat off with both hands eh?)


Just kidding man. Take care of that knee. As you get older you will be glad you did. Walking is an important activity and you'll be doing a lot of it.

Just the fact that you have kids and you will want to spend time with them as they grow up should motivate you to take care care of your body first.

As your friends we understand that you need to take time off to heal properly for the important things in your life.

Thanks BB2 I found it also it is a one week wait so I think it will be ok and I will be rolling tonight and joining Tompkins next week.Thanks for your sympathy Dougie but I will have your money and will roll with you tonight.My ego is back to normal.The hotel is booked for Saturday night and it will cost us $115.00 including tax and the cot is $10.00 extra.You always have a way of making me feel small.

Deafwoody = Deafpegleg

Located just to the north of Alumni Hall in 3M building. When entering the parking lot, tell them where you are going or you will be charged extra to park. You can call the one downtown. May be quicker.

visit with doctor covered but physio is not.

hey woody i called the fowler at fanshawe and got in the next day ask for dr. fisher she is awsome and nice to look at!