Fox sports 1 in Canada?

So does Canada get this new FS1 channel?

I'm pretty sure all UFC content is already switched over to the shitty SN360 network but is this channel going to be available too? Phone Post 3.0

sportsnet 360 for UFC content.

They list Sonnen vs Shogun on SN360 for me. When I look in the program search it only comes up on 2 channels SN360 and SN360HD, so it doesn't look like I have FS1. I do have SPEED but doesn't look like it will be changing.


sportsnet 360 for UFC content.

I know. That's why I'm wondering if FS1 will even be available here or not. And like the guy above said it's supposed to take over the speed network in the US so what's happening with that channel up here?? Phone Post 3.0

^ too many rights issues... whether it gets changed to fs1 or remains speed you will still not be getting alot of the new programming on FS1.  (for example no ufc on fs1 in canada).  All UFC content will be on sportsnet 360.

Well that sucks. That new sn360 channel blows. I wish they would get rid of that stupid ticker bar that's constantly across the bottom of the screen. Phone Post 3.0