Frank is good, but come on folks

Congrads to Frank on his excellent victory over Baroni. He has proven that he skill has very legit skills in the sport of MMA. However, Seeing as he lost to Renzo recently and has not beaten a top five contender yet, isn't it a bit premature to call him the best ever and future of the division?

yes, yes, congrads are in order!

congrats IMO

he was the best 185er in the world back in the day, that's where the praise is coming from

Frank should get props for his win, but when his goals if fighting Ken Shamrock and Chung Le, you have to question how much he really believes in himself.

Phil, despite a decent skillset, is really a .500 fighter. It is not as if the current top 185ers use Phil as a measuring stick.

The other thing I noticed is that I never seen Frank so out of breath after the match. That was more than injury he could barely talk at the end of the fight. I can't recall seeing anyone that out of breath even after a five round fight.

To be fair, his injury completely prevented any cardio training for 3
weeks. No cardio for 3 weeks before a fight will have a HUGE impact on

Frank has been getting trashed here for years, and he just smacked around a legit fighter... He deserves some praise!

I think lindland would beat frank but I would say without a doubt he's top 5 at 185 no prob.........

Frank wasn't as out of breath as he acted. He's not that good of an actor. The way he was breathing seemed to be as much for dramatic effect as recovery,IMO.

Frank may or may not be the best of all time.. but he's not the future.. he's 35 years old..