Frank Mir, can he do it?!

Can Frank be one of those guys with a late career turn around like Werdum, Arlovski, and Lawler?

Frank is only 36, and he's suffered some bad losses in his last 5 fights, but I think when it comes to skill and technique Frank is at the top of the division.

I know he gets a lot of hate around here but I would love to see him go on a streak similar to Arlovskis proving to everyone he's not done, and get 4-5 good wins under his belt going into a fight with Werdum. Then watch the two greatest Sub Artists at heavyweight go at it. Phone Post 3.0

I sure hope so!! Phone Post 3.0

The problem I see is Frank has taken a lot of damage throughout his life. I mean heck, at one point after his motorcycle accident, they said he would never fight again.

If he was healthy with no issues and could train everyday to his fullest, I imagine he would still be in the top 3 at HW.

Does duffee have any ground game? You would think frank would just secure a take down or even pull guard. But who knows.

Mur seems a little heavy at 262 lbs Phone Post 3.0

MIr has beaten so many great fighters and he has some striking skills to go with his unparalleled HW submission skills.

The oddsmakers seem to know something to make Duffee the favorite despite the difference in experience.

I like Duffee but havent seen enough of him to have confidence he can beat a savvy skille vet like MIR. Duffee has a big punchers chance early on in the matchup but MIr overmatches him on the ground so if Mir gets in there its over.

I am with fightsfan on this. Every ounce of my brain says Mir takes this, but I have been in this sport long enough and know how shit works enough to know that if the early odds-makers put out odds like that it is for a reason. And that makes me wonder

I think Mir gets too cocky and he never seems to train correctly
Mir has all the talent in the world, but his mental game has always seemed to be lacking to me Phone Post 3.0

I dunno, that chin... Phone Post 3.0

if it goes to the ground Duffe is in huge trouble

Of course he can..... Who knows if he will tho..... Phone Post 3.0

Dugs95 - Of course he can..... Who knows if he will tho..... Phone Post 3.0

VU for giving the best answer possible