Frank Mir having health issues

Sad to see. Frank has always been a big dude so it’s crazy to see one of his arms that small.

Sucks getting old and having all that wear and tear over the course of 20+ years finally catch up to you.


I love Mir… His commentary on wec was so spot on he rules.

Bella is a going to rip through motherfuckers and she’s so young…

Wish you well brother


And wtf happened to phone booth fighting?

His podcast was great but it’s been years at this point

Bas Rutten has the same issue I think. One of his arms is normal and the other is skin and bone.


So what is the health issue with Bas and Mir that results in them having one normal arm and one abnormal arm?

Neck issues. Frank had to get his neck fused, i think Bas did too. Something with the nerves not working properly makes your muscles atrophy.


Ah shit. I have had neck/nerve issues running down my left arm for years. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to me.

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Inject some steroids to that motherfuker disc, then lots of heads, not for you but for somebody, your neck needs some exercises


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Look up nerve gliding exercises. It helped me tremendously with nerve issues running down my arm.



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Stand straight up against a wall. Put your arm straight out, palm up horizontal to the ground. Now bend your wrist up so your fingers point skyward. Then as you bend your elbow, bend your wrist all the way back. Repeat 10 times, multiple times through the day.

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I will also feel it stretch more as I bend my neck down and away from the arm as I do the exercise.

it is actually working, my upper back weak muscles doing some unusual movement, and I couldn’t hit it with all sort of dumbbells exercises, well just partially and kinda lame… this is some Indian shamans stuff

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I was in agony and was off work for a month, completely ready to have them cut me open but they insisted on physical therapy first which pissed me off because driving was one of the most painful activities. But this exercise pulled the nerve out of where it was bunched up coming out of the vertebrae and let it “glide” through. The difference in which fingers feel numb is based on which vertebrae is effected and the corresponding nerve.

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Bas has also had issues with bursitis in one arm for 20 plus yrs

Frank Mir is my favorite HW of all time.

Putting away Nog twice caused a hell fire around here and I loved every minute of it.

Hope his daughter works her way up to the UFC.

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Full interview, gets into a lot of stuff.