Frank Mir talks about Guns/Shootings/Self defense

Former UFC champ Frank Mir talks guns, knives, and martial arts with Joanne of MMA Girls

this is from 2008.

indianrob - this is from 2008.

Still relevant today.

Joanna rubs me the wrong way. Like, on my the left. Phone Post


Great work by FM!

Joshua J King - 

Only active former ufc champ with genius level intellect. Phone Post

Frank's a very smart man.

Wu Massacre - armed security at schools is probably a good idea (i dont think armed or trained teachers would work) but there will always be the problem of , the shooter has body armor and they dont, likely first victims, etc, but something needs to be done.. and most commercial pilots arent from the air force, but there are air marshals. hes right about police responding after crimes to 'take reports' but there is also a great and increasing effort of crime prevention and deterrence made as well..

there is no question that firearms are the easiest weapon people have access to, to kill with.. the 'killing with cars and knives' argument is silly

last time someone shot up a police station (in the us... mexico??)

No doubt Frank is smart as hell, if you are going to let anyone get guns because Co.'s want to make billions in spite a murder rate by guns 20X more than that of other developed countries on average you must protect the children!

Yes to armed guards in schools. BTW in Israel teachers carry guns (have for many years) and the program is a succcess.

Oregon Mall Shooter Was Stopped By An Armed Citizen (Concealed Carrier)

How about you just ban guns? Phone Post

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How about you just ban guns? Phone Post

Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia