Frank Mir's Arrogance

Just like hendo did to Bisping, Brock shut Mir's cakehole.

You don't disrespect people like he and his camp did and NOT expect to rile the opposition.

Brock just chose to do the majorit of HIS talking with his fists. It IS a fight guys. And where did this rule come from that you have to make out with your opponent after the fight?

Brock HATES Mir. He was there to ruin his weekend. He did.

I never cheer against the BJJ guys as a rule but Mir has no more budo than Brock! Less really, because of his monumental ego.

frank looked like such a prick, him coming out to arrogant kanye shit was perfect

 <Just because you have a fight with someone, doesn't mean you have to trash talk. Look at the best in the business.. Mino, Fedor, Randy.... they never talk trash.. hence nobody thinks they are assholes.>

   A little trash talk is okay as long as you back it up in the ring.  If Mir told Brock he'd break his arm off AND THEN DID IT I wouldn't mind.  But that dude let his mouth write million dollar checks that his ass couldn't cash, and he got what he had coming.  Good work Brock.  Keep it up.

<Brock lost the first fight in 90 seconds and did nothing but make excuses and talk trash since>

Brock won that fight and the ref handed it to Mir on a silver platter.  Mir's head was swimming like Michael Phelps from those hammerfists.  Remember when this was NHB, as in ho holds or hits barred?  Now we have nothing but bars.

<that pointing and laughing at the end of the Herring fight pretty much sums Brock up> - Yup, after Herring went out of his way to say he was insulted having to fight that rookie.

Dick tattoo.  I must have seen it a thousand times and it looks like a sword to me.  Viking warrior.

Brock is a MANLY MAN.  He says what he thinks and doesn't give a damn what anybody else thinks.  And that won't endear him to the pinko PC media telling us guys to get in touch with our feminine side.