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Thanks Hamish, we are happy to be able to bring a legend like Frank here. For those who have had the privelage of meeting Frank or being taught by him, I am sure would urge people to attend.

We will be releasing details regarding seminar dates and locations in the very near future. For further details and information as it comes to hand please fire me an email with postal contact and Ph details to ensure you are forwarded all info.



Chris, finalising the seminar details over the next few weeks. Will advise all asap.


Is he coming down here? :)

where is down here?

Will release all details very soon. I'll let the cat out of the bag and say that tassie is not on the agenda. You should make the trip up here Nick, XFC Sat 20. Frank seminars Sun 21 Gold Coast, Mon 22 then 23rd (pm) Brisbane.

Nice opportunity for people to make the trip interstate and see the show do a seminar and even stay a week, I think there's a King of the mountain on Saturday 27th too!


Sounds very tempting, Justin. If I can get the finances for it, I'll be there for sure.

I'd be happy with Melbourne. He's gotta be covering Melbourne.

anyone from anywhere that is interested in attending PLEASE email me and I will keep you updated.




rally up the troops mate. No need to stress to you what a wonderfull opportunity this is. Bris vegas venue shall probably be UQ Judo hosted by XFC'S only good looking bald headed man......... Peter BEIERS ;)


you're only allowed back on the condition that you dont eat any spicy food for the duration of your stay, and have a butt plug/cork firmly in place.

Hips, 2 things;

1) Do you have the right Shamrock
2) is "juiced up on 'roids" anything like "hopped up on goofballs"


adam fire me an email please mate.

This could work out very expencive, I mean if you have to pay for the seminar and go on a cycle of roids its going to add up!
Justin can you work out a package for the seminar and a cycle of roids for us all so as to keep the price down a bit? ;)