Frank Shamrock vs Royce Gracie?

Curious who you guys think takes this one?

see the cesar fight

Right...because Frank's record is full of stellar competition.

Figure both are around the same weight or close. Both are known for having decent submissions. Cardio is a toss up. Haven't really seen Royce Gas and he did go over an hour with Sak. Would be an interesting fight if ever materializes.



Zero Horizon, Frank beat the best guys there were to fight before he retired.

Curious would you guys be more interested in seeing Frank vs Royce or Frank vs Sakuraba? Don't think you can go wrong with either choice.



Sak has nothing for Frank. I think Frank would smash either one with the quickness imo


Franks standup is some where between 1,000-10,000X better than Royce's. Royce also has poor takedown skills so I would pick Frank by KO. See Frank vs Cesar, or Kid Yamamato vs Royler for examples of how this fight would go.

"please royce is so much better at mma than cesar .. royce isd one of the best bjj guys at not getting hit when trying to clinche .. he would not have been kod like that .. i think this woul dactually be a great fight .. much better thaqn hughes x gracie"

Yes and Royce's record is full of stellar strikers right? Royce has never fought a great striker that knows the ground game and is savy to takedowns etc. Frank would school him bad on their feet and KO him.

Frank, but it would be a good fight.