Frank Shamrock's "Shootbox"

Did anyone see this event?

Tell us about the fighting platform.

Did it work well?

Anybody fall out?

Were there restarts?

Anyone got a clear photo of the thing?

the ring looked pretty cool. It was the same type as what you saw in Bloodsport, except it was square.

Here are some pics of the first event:



The platform is a cool idea.

I think it is a definite step towards a balance of surface area and audience viewing.


Damn, that fightfloor is kewl.

I wouldnt prefer that type of ring. I like putting someone up against the ropes while standing to assist in a takedown.

The fighters had nothing to assist them. You can pretty much see everything that was going on. The only advantage a fighter had is when he rode up the edge and drove downward against his opponent. I enjoyed it and I am sad to say looks like shoot box is done....

I enjoyed fighting for them and hope they have the tape out soon. Frank took care of everyone and ran a tight show. I hope it hasnt folded also.