Frankie Edgar vs. Brian Ortega

Up next... I got Ortega

T city!! T city!! 

should be 5 rounds

Let's go Frankie!

Heart says Ortega mind says Frankie.

Damn this is going to be a good fight 

I love T-City, but I have a hard time picking against Frankie. 

Frankie tears him apart

Going with Frankie

This matchup excites the shit out of me!

Adelaide Byrd fucked my parlays from earlier tonight, so I doubled down on Frankie.  C'mon Frankie.

touch knows.

Fooking 'ell! What a finish. So patient.


wowa, KO Edgar

Frankie is done he needs to retire 

Wow. First guy to finish Frankie!

damn, max may have a short run

What a size difference.

Oh my God everybody!!!