Franklin McNeil

I catch MMA Live once in a while and I see some knowledgeable people on there but what do you think of this guy?

to me he doesn't feel like a real fan of the sport or maybe its is inability to speak properly. He's like the Mauro of ESPN MMA

seems like he's knowledgeable about some stuff and completely ignorant about other things but speaks the same about it all regardless. if that makes sense.

I don't hate the guy, but he seems like a bit of a doofus to me.

Franklin McNeil pains me to no end. He is the worst commentator/journalist in MMA. When he asks a question at a press conference a baby angel commits suicide.

"I'm Franklin McNeil and I ruin MMA!"


 He's a bit of a mush mouth and his analysis is mediocre at best. He's parlayed that into a national televised spot somehow, though. Other that that he seems like a nice guy.

shermbe - He's like the Mauro of ESPN MMA

That's an insult to Mauro. Say what you will about his awful puns and hyperactive delivery, but the guy knows his shit and is clearly a HUGE fan of the sport.

I despise Mauro and even I'll admit that he is 10 times more knowledgeable about the sport than Franklin McNeil.

 Mauro is

compared to Franklin

 ^^ I just pray he blacks out

He didn't start covering the sport until a few years ago, but tries to come off as an expert. That would be my only issue with him. He could stand to go through a bit of a history lesson on mma, but what can you do.

Franklin McNeil has to go.