Franklin survives broken arm, ices Liddell

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                                Franklin survives broken arm, ices Liddell

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With a broken left arm but an unyielding will to win, Rich Franklin scored perhaps the most important victory since he took the middleweight in 2005, as he knocked out returning Hall of Famer Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell in devastating fashion in the first round of their UFC 115 main event Saturday night at General Motors Place.

“I broke my hand before and didn’t quit,” said Franklin with a smile after the bout. The injury occurred earlier in the first round due to a Liddell kick, but Franklin not only soldiered on, he knocked out one of the sport’s most feared strikers in a bittersweet night for fans of Liddell, who have seen the 40-year old light heavyweight legend lose his third straight fight by knockout.

“I’m here at 205 and I’m gonna make a run for the title,” said the 34-year old Franklin.

With the win, Franklin improves to 28-5 with 1 NC; Liddell, who has now lost five of his last six bouts, falls to 21-8.

Image by Teacy Lee


 Both Chuck and Franklin are in pretty epic positions there.

 is Teacy Lee related to Tracy Lee?

Teacy Lee stole that photo from Tracy Lee and didn't even bother to cover the credit in the bottom right corner.

 I will have a word with Chris about improving his accuracy.

Epic photo

Reminds me of the photo of Ali standing over Liston.
Great job Teacy.

 wow, that photo is awesome

early stoppage imo.

I don't think that taunting was taught or accepted in the Franklin house growing up. Great photo.

I see a photoshop in the works lol

Was it his hand or his arm? I was wondering why Rich was not throwing his hands more but that definitely explains it.

His arm. He said he could feel the bones clicking in his forearm almost immediately after the kick.

So Franklin can literally beat Chuck with one arm :)