Franklin wonders if he'll be booed in Brazil?

Franklin wonders if he'll be booed in Brazil?

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"I'm excited to fight in Brazil, and I'm actually interested to see if I do get booed for this fight," Franklin told "It would be the first time in a while."

"My family, nobody is going to come see me," Franklin said. "None of my family can come down there. I'll have my cornermen and my wife, and that's it.

"I'll have a total of four people in the audience that are directly tied to me."

And that's where things get a little tricky. Brazil, the birthplace of MMA, has again become a hotbed for the sport in recent years, with the UFC's past two visits to the country producing wildly successful events with intensely passionate crowds.

When it was Sonnen who was expected to make the trip to Brazil, there were some MMA experts who feared for his well-being. Franklin knows he won't be treated quite as poorly, but he's not sure exactly what to expect. After all, four of his six career losses have come to Brazilian opponents, so how angry at him could the crowd truly be?

"I don't know," Franklin said. "I think I have a decent fanbase in Brazil. After all, I've lost to a couple of their fighters, so they've got to like me a little bit, right?

"I'm not playing the evil part. I don't make comments about Brazilian people or negative comments about my opponent or anything like that. I'm just not the evil-part kind of person. I tell you what, if I was in like the WWE and I was playing a fake evil person, I would do a great job of that because I could play the part, but it's just not who I am."

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Yes, such a mystery...


Oh im sure they will do worse than boo him.

what's portuguese for you're gonna die cracker ass cracker?

I'm sure they'll be respectful, Brazilians are known for their high class in these situations. Phone Post

People make lite of americans fighting down there. Whe Hendo won his first fight ever (MMA) he talked about people going nuts and throwing chairs at the cage

To understand what MMA means down there You can youtube Zulu VS Rickson (Rickson was ONLY 22 years old VS a 35 year old carved unbeaten giant who challenged the Gracie's) and watch the fight. The president was in attendence, and it was on national TV. We're talking about 26 years ago BTW. People were going crazy down there during the fight screaming their heads off

You can see the riot too when Henzo punched a guy in the face who was taunting him and had leaped to the top of the cage to do so. After that Rickson cleaned up the rest

It can get crazy down there. No shit

He's fighting possibly the most beloved fighter in MMA in his home country... Of course he is getting booed Phone Post

I'd be more worried about getting ktfo by the Axe Murderer. Phone Post

Someone's going to send a fart in a letter to his wife Phone Post

Dollawaysdoodoobutter - Oh im sure they will do worse than boo him.

what's portuguese for you're gonna die cracker ass cracker?

I hope this is the ONLY time in life where I agree with anything that says doodoobutter, but the man make s a valid point lol