#FranksFight 1yr Anniversary

Tomorrow marks one year since Frank lost his life to testicular cancer. He was a fighter till the end and impacted many people throughout the world. This very forum was home to many he called family and friends even though he had never met most of you. As I reflect on the year that has just flown by I think about what would have happened had he never been a member on this very forum? He would have never made the impact he did nor would all of you been able to make such an amazing impact on him and our family. Thank you to The UG for being part of my husbands life and our family.


If you do not know Frank's story you can read it here http://www.franksfight.webs.com

Checkout the #FranksFight Fecebook page https://www.facebook.com/FranksFight?ref=hl


1 Year Anniversary Balloon Release

On Saturday the 18th of October at 2pm me, the boys, and some friends and family will gather together to release balloons with and without messages at 2:30pm up to Frank in heaven. 

For those of you who are not local we ask that you get together and release your own balloons at 2:30pm eastern time. For those of you who will be in or around the RI area on the 18th and would like to be part of our release let me know and I will give you the exact location.

Frank has followers from all over the world so this seemed to he the best idea to be able to involve everyone.

We will be videotaping our balloon release and ask anyone who chooses to release balloons to also videotape or take pictures and post here on#FranksFight

Together we can release balloons from all over the world in Frank's honor.

Courtesy of FETT_Loadin76


Wanted to see your name in a thread one more time!!

UGCTT_NKTKDace - Wanted to see your name in a thread one more time!!

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Video of first balloon release

Selling tees to spread awareness


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We are only 780.00 shy of paying off these cancer debts and then I can totally focus on spreading awareness without the worry of the debt cancer brought. Please help by donating ot just passing the link around.