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As Frank battles his second round of testicular cancer in less than a year he finds much support from the MMA community. This forum is the reason #FranksFight has grown to what it is today. With over $5,000.00 in donations from The UG and many tee-shirt creations and other amazing things happening make sure to read the positive story created out of a horrible situation.

Read the story that hit the front page of the Herald News here

Here is a collage of pictures taken from the #FranksFight facebook page whic you can access here

Thank you all for continuing to support Frank and our family as he battles for his life. Here are some other links regarding #FranksFight

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This will be where I post updates about Frank for all you following as well as include any contests and links associated with #FranksFight. Feel free to email me if you would like somehting included in this OP. Again thank and much love from our family to yours.


Update from facebook

#FranksFight needs to move

I have started this new fundraiser to help raise money to move out of the third floor apartment. Frank will need new treatment and the stairs here are wearing on him so staying here is no longer an option. Thank you all for your support and please help me share this.



As you all know Frank was told the transplant did not work and the cancer is spreading so he is being sent to a testicular specialist. Noone is sure if the specialist can help Frank and the transplant was a last resort however if they can help him it will be in the form of either more chemo or surgery. In order for him to be able to do this treatment we have to move him from the 3rd floor to a first floor. This is the reason for the new fundraiser so that we can get him into a first floor apartment before the next treatment begins. Thanks to all our supporters we appreciate the love. Please share the new link on facebook and twitter for us. Have a great day




War Frank! Phone Post

FUCK cancer!


WAR Frank's Fight!

Fuck Cancer!

War Frank Phone Post

War frank and kick cancers ass ... Phone Post



War Frank!!!!


Damn I look a lot like Bas in those above pics lol Is that a good thing? ahaha

Fuck Cancer and unlike the rest of you I LOVE the UG :D


Keep fighting frank, your the man.

Shipped those shirts to you creepy. Ups from Chicago leaving Monday. Probably be there by Friday. Thanks for sighing them for #franksfight Phone Post

Signing* damn phone Phone Post

Awesome collage. Glad I could be a part of #FranksFight. Frank is really lucky to have such an awesome supporter in his corner.

Phone Post

Read the article, great writeup for sure, so glad the support is still coming for Frank.

UGCTT_I Got Fitched Up - 

Shipped those shirts to you creepy. Ups from Chicago leaving Monday. Probably be there by Friday. Thanks for sighing them for #franksfight Phone Post

Awesome. Happy too help.

TTT ... Like a boss. Phone Post