I hit 173, best I could do... and you?


173? jebus u fat!

ya well fredrickson promises 190, we shall see!


Impressive.... But unfortunatley I have not met my goal yet. I have one more dinner tonite. As of 9:15 am Dec.26 I weigh 183lbs in my gonch. However I need to go to the bathroom and free up some space in which my goals of 190lbs are going to be too far to reach.. I'll keep you posted.......


Please keep us posted, you're a warrior for trying.


12:19 pm Dec.26.... 183, fully clothed and just about to go for lunch.. Dinner is at 7 and no bathroom break is needed as of now.... I will post just before and after my last meal.

Thanks for your support

3:30 pm just got back from lunch and wiegh 185lbs. I think I won't rest until I'm 190lbs. dinner is @ 7

well done, if anything, hit 190 for the kids.


Thank god, I was the only one getting fat. I think I was past 205 this morning. Back on the routine diet tomorrow. ( I said the same thing yesterday though...)



Tell me about it.... 262 this morning.

145 eh flex?

"b says:
b says:
im 170"


hahahahaha ragin kajan nice and fat at 175!!! what up chad

not much kaj whats happening? When you fighting next, where?

I dropped back down to 168 today, I'm the only lightweight amongst you! I have to remember I'm only 5'5", haha.


I'm not too sure when or where my next fight is but im lookin to fight in late jan or early feb. I think that mahood is looking at putting on a card in february. So if nothing else i can fight there.

sorry to everyone, but I only made it to 188lbs. I tried to drink glass after glass of h20 after dinner to make it , but I got sick. Maybe next time, but its time to hit a treadmill and lose some of this excess baggage

you're a bum!

but in all seriousness, it took a lot of heart to get as far as you did, you're an inspiration to what we all can be if we just set our mind on fatness.