Fredson Alves coming to Columbus!

Our good friend Fredson will be in Columbus to do a
seminar on Tuesday the 18th at the North Columbus
Chapter of The Relson Gracie Jiu-jitsu Academy. He
will also be doing a number of special classes,
privates, and small groups. For more info. drop me an
e-mail and I will be happy to answer any questions.

His half guard is unreal.

Heard he's awesome


I really wish I had the time to come up! I have been working on my 'half-guaard' game allot over the last 6 months, and I am just now really starting to feel comfortable. But I know the Fredson could point out ways to make it stronger!

Anyway, just wanted to give you a TTT, and I will talk to you later my friend.


Dustin Ware

Fedson Alves is amazing!!! Great ot hear Robin...we hope to see you guys soon!

Relson Gracie Austin!


Just met him two days ago here in San Diego. He stopped in with Kid Peligro. Seems like a very cool guy...

One day in Brazil Fredson Alves walks in to Ilha dojo and several guys were rolling Daniel Moareas, Joa. Jr(Last year Dale JR. Pro winner) with many other talented jiujitsu fighters.
I just rolled with one awsome purple, now brown, PHillip Vadella 190lbs world champion,then after resting Fredson so quetly asked "wanna train" man he is like 135lbs or something
liked that. Let me say say this,he kicked my ass by points and then submitted me easier than that room had done all day. I remember just looking after,going, Daammmn. I have much respect for a humble yet so talented warrior.


what's your email address?


My-mail is .
Fredson taught two awesome classes yesterday for only
$25 a pop. As you know he is an awesome instructor and
a terror on the mats. He pretty much hosed all of us.
He will be doing two more classes on Friday from 12-2pm
and 7-9pm. He is showing some very good positions.
Don't miss out!!


the time you spend posting on the net should be used to train..hehehehe.


thanks, robin

will check him out tomorrow, friday...

rahman, what's up bro. long time no see. hopefully next month, once i get all my sh*t straightened out, i should be back on the mat. hope to see you soon.


Robin, I have a flyer for your school & some other things expect some e-mails tonight.
As far as this Fredson situation... Daniel goes back to Brazil soon, maybe Fredson would like to visit for a day or two in Texas? I like Fredson, his game is slick. He just won the Copa do Brazil last month!

Robin you have mail.


I have a private lesson with him on Sunday....looking forward to it

Tell him I said hi & he needs to think about coming to Austin this trip if possible. Fredson is great.


I want to get him down in Texas!