FREE MMA in the next 3 months.


February 13 - Wargods (Shamrock vs. Clifton)  FREE on

February 20 - MFC 20 (Daley vs. Thompson)  FREE on HDNet

February 21 - UFC 95 (Sanchez vs. Stevenson)  FREE on SpikeTV

                         M1 Challenge USA   FREE on HDNet (Likely Delayed Broadcast)

                         UWC (Beebe vs. Easton  FREE on

February 23 - K1 World MAX:  Japan Tournament  FREE on HDNet


March 1 - WEC 39 (Brown vs. Garcia)  FREE on Versus

March 7 - UFC 96  (Rampage vs. Jardine)  on PPV

                  Pure Combat 7 (Von Flue vs. Ramirez)  FREE on

March 8 - DREAM 7 (Featherweight Grand Prix 1st Round)  FREE on HDNet

March 20 - Sengoku 7th Battle (Featherweight Grand Prix 1st Round)  FREE on HDNet

March 28 - K1 World Grand Prix 2009 in Yokohoma  FREE on HDNet


April 1 - UFN 18 (Condit vs. Kampmann)  FREE on SpikeTV

April 3 - Bellator FC Debut (Reis, Alvarez, Masvidal, and more)  FREE on ESPN Deportes

April 5 - WEC 40 (Torres vs. Bowles)  FREE on Versus

               DREAM 8 (Welterweight Grand Prix 1st Round)  FREE on HDNet

April 11 - Strikeforce on Showtime (Shamrock vs. Diaz)  FREE on Showtime

April 18 - UFC 97 (Silva vs. Leites) on PPV

April 25 - M1 Challenge Japan  FREE on HDNet


nice very nice

I offer a huge thank you to those promoters and media outlets that are bringing us all these great fights.  I will do my part and watch as many of them as possible.

 ttt for free MMA

It really is AMAZING how far the sport has come in the last five years.

awesome,April looks like a crazy month

UWC on the 21st is also being streamed by Sherdog

And the event MMAWeekly is calling Sengoku 8 is actually Sengoku VII

 Ya, I know, the last Sengoku show was their 7th show, but it didn't get a number, it was just called "Sengoku No Ran."  This will be their eighth show but it will be Sengoku:  7th Battle.  Discontinuity pisses me off.

Thanks for UWC, I will add that.

Need HDNet on Comcast damnit!

Thanks for taking the time to put all that together.

 no problem!  glad it was useful.

 I'm going to bomb Comcast if they don't get HDNet on there soon...they issued the press release saying they signed the carriage agreement back in October, what the eff is the holdup?

orcus just get a directv dish already.  Besides all of this, they show K1 events, K1 MAX, they cover all the local shows on Inside MMA, and are constantly replaying old events and compilations.  I feel like I should send them more money for all of this beyond the 5 bucks a month my HD package costs.  seriously.


Speaking of K-1:

Feb. 23rd - K-1 WORLD MAX 2009: Japan Tournament

Mar. 28th - K-1 World GP 2009 in Yokohama

 Ya, I think those definitely should be included.  Those are going to be INSANE.

Damn, talk about over saturation

Other than Dream and Kampmann's fight, I really dont care if I see the other ones or not

Thanks for the update MX :)


 Comcast Cable will not be offering HDNET in the Bay Area & Central Valley for a long time now.

Source: Comcast employee I know.

Thanks - wish I had HDNet