Free webcasts

Hey guys, I know there's a couple of free webcasts coming up, could you list the times and sites in this one thread, so it's easier to remember when they all are coming up?


Super League (like K-1) on May 21.  Says it begins at 1900 hrs (7pm) but that's German time.  would be 1pm in the Eastern US.


Reality Combat's "Punishment" Will air on Sunday May 22nd starting around Noon. There will be a link on our website

World Extreme Fighting 'Sin City' will also be shown for free Sunday Night, May 22nd. You can tune in at or

Wow - that's a great weekend for MMA!

I just got home from Vegas and WEF will be up around 9PM!

Oh, and I'm watching the Punishment broadcast and it works fine. Looks good!


9 EST?

I will be watching!

How long is the show?

James, I think the total length is around 1 1/2 hours. I'm considering breaking it down into fights so fighters can download their fight and show it to fans and family very easily.

Yeah, EST, sorry about that.

and reality combat can be seen at your convenience, completely free. the fights were good last night so you guys should enjoy it.

I'm watching the Reality Combat one right now. Some great action and the commentator is doing an excellent job! :)

Cool on the time. I've got to get some sleep tonight!


Can you post the WEF from Orlando that has the Buchovich v. Smith fight? It used to be up on