Freestyle Fighting 6 =

Thank you BADBREED, got it yesterday!!!

uh oh littleguy just did a test post..........

oh sheesh.................

*tries to choose between Rickson or Yoshida disguise*

That was an awesome event, as well as VII.

E. Loveless

I am on that one. my loss:(

Kbeezy, which fight were you? There were alot of good fights on there! And I just discovered I have a black son..........


Jeremy Jackson! I might have some "splaining" to do.........


Seriously, what are the odds of another fighter with the same name? Neat huh?



Jeremy Jackson is from Tonny Canales camp in Shreveport. His nickname is Drago and he is a tough mofo.

My name is Kyle Bradley and on there I fought Melvin Guillard.

I've been wanting to see a rematch. I hope you guys meet up in KINGS. I know you guys are friends, but the last fight was great.

KBeezy, you have an awesome ground game, really! Man you have alot of wins too! I like the way you hopped into the ring, that was great. Hey, I think you did great, nothing to be shamed of, I think it was a very exciting fight! :)