Freitas is the best lighweight!

Castillo only had 21 fights the first time they fought, and no doubt he improved over 32 fights.

At 135, I see Freitas losing to Mayweather, Castillo, Lazcano, and I wouldn't count out Dorin, Jauregui, and Morales if he ever decided to move up.

What's the point? Maybe Castillo improved but Juaregui has improved too and Popó knocked out him cold in the first round.

If you can see anything, you saw Castillo defeating Mayweather in their first fight.

hey not alot of guys had the guts to fight arthur but he did and he beat him. although arthur a good champ has been on a down slide for a long time

Paulo: Regardless of who beat who, and in watching both Mayweather and Freitas fight, do you truly beleive that Freitas has more skill than Mayweather? Remeber, forget about accomplishments, just based on watching them box....

It takes two guys inside the ring to make a fight, and STYLES make fights.

Most people didn't know Popó and used to say he was a brawler, just because he had a perfect record of 31-0-0 (31 KOs). They used to say when Popó fights a good boxer, he would be outboxed. They were wrong.

Popó fought Casamayor, an olympic champion, and undefeated pro champion. A very technical boxer, with a flawless curriculum. A Popó outboxed him, despite fighting a dirty boxer, and for 12 rounds for the first time in his career.

It was a hard fight for Popó because he had a lot of trouble to lose weight, and he was not used to fight 12 rounds, and gassed a bit in the final rounds. Nevertheless, he outboxed Casamayor!

Many people also said Gregorian would beat Popó, since Popó doesn't have the power to fight lightweights. They were wrong too, we know it.

Americans fans now say Mayweather would beat Popó. Perhaps he's their last hope! :-)

Molson: I guess Popó would beat Mayweather decisively, maybe by KO, because Popó is too fast and too powerful for anyone in the 130-135 divisions.

"Many people also said Gregorian would beat Popó"

Where were these people cuz everyone i spoke with sad freitas would win...

You don't TRULY beleive in your heart that popo is faster than Floyd, do you??? (not talking skills or anything else for the moment but speed)

You really think it would decisive vs Floyd or perhaps a close fight?

WB- Freitas is a very good fighter...I saw him live and he has great prescence in the ring, but he cannot outbox FM, not even close...

tis a good fight though...

paulo get of the brazilians dick will ya
theres no way in your heart you really think popo would beat floyd, do you really think mayweather would get hit by those wild amateurish haymaykers,lol
popo would get schooled, he also needs to learn how to dance better, did you see him trying,he needs to work on it, he didnt look too good, popo is good but not on mayweathers class

Whitebelt - Freitas had an exclusive deal with Showtime but (if I'm not mistaken) the Grigorian fight was the last fight of the contract. I am thankful.

Yes, that's right, the contract with Showtime is over. Probably Popó won't renew it, because Showtime wants Popó to fight Kostya Tszyu at 140, but Popó wants to unify the belts in lightweight division.

showtime is also only signing a fighter for one fight, not multi fight contracts. they are tired of getting screwed ala frietas. hopefully HBO follows suit