Friday Night Ruckas!!

Just got home from a night on the town. Me and about 11 friends went down to the local bar strip. We had several minor scraps at first. For example this guy who we were with (only known by one other) sucker punched this dude for no reason. He couldnt do anything cuz there were like 13 people there.

So we make it to our usual bar, where we drink and have a good time and all. Except that one guy gets bottled in the bar and rushed by like 6 guys. My brother was there and got out of it which is smart cuz we dont even know this guy. He didnt even look that bad after that happend.

Later we are all outside and I was feeling a lil woozy, i think its cuase I was smoking. I dont usually smoke. And I kinda flet like I was going to puke. So I was a lil bent over kinda dry heaving styles. And this dude Yells at me from like 20 feet away not to puke in front of him. I tell him to chill like twice then I told him to CHILL THE FUCK OUT. As he walks toward me he realizes I'm with like 12 people. I tell him I dont appreaciate that shit and he coulda talked to me nicer. He doesnt really say much just stands there. I then tell him to walk away. Thought I handeled it well.

As thats winding down I turn around and see another buddy of mine pushing with some guy in the middle of the street. So well run over there and the bouncers kinda stall it for a bit. Then my buddy pushes through and goes at the other guy. THey both kinda grab eachother and are clinched double hockey grip style(hopefully Canadians understand). During all the melee that breaks out as a result I then punch the other guy right in the side of the jaw. He goes down cuz my buddy pushes him to but I can tell my shot was what knocked him. Then when he fell on the ground I soccer kicked him in the side of the neck/collar bone. THen a bouncer grabbed me trying to RNC choke me I think. He was sloppy kinda though and I mannaged to get both my forearms inbetween his arms and my neck. He kinda just bear hugged me for awhile. THe whole thing was I really didnt want to fight. But I cant just leave my bros. And dont think I'm some big bully that picks on everyone.I'm only 140lbs. The dude I hit was like 210ish 6'2" style. And I rocked his ass with an overhand right to the jaw.

You and your friends sound like great people.

You should have puked on him while he was down.


He didn't get the love he wanted on the OG, so he's trying his bullshit on the UG....

sounds like you and your thug friends should grow up and leave that 17 year old hate at home.

"Remember that one time when a baker's dozen of us went out and beat up that one guy.....that was awesome."

I see threads about street fights all the time guys, there must be some one who appreaciates this shit.


respect, we're just fucking around. its all in fun. on the real yo, how did your initiation to the crips go?


I'm sure your future cell mate/lover appreciates this shit.

yeah, he'll appreciate that SHIT, while he's pushing in YOUR SHIT.

What a 'tard! I bet you thought we'd all be real impressed with your made-up street fight stories, eh? Get a life, loser. No one over the age of 15 is impressed by your stories.