friend request from "conflict fighter"?

Did anyone else get one? WTF are they? I'm guessing "NO".

 ? no, I guess I'm no one's friend.  Even my mentor Obiwan Kenobi - Leif - Big worm has abandoned me.  Says I've gone the way of the darkside? 


*puts on one more round and affliction gear*



 I didn't mean to make you mad by sending you a friends request.   We are a fightgear company in Largo, Florida (similar to On The Mat).  This is were I would normally write a sarcastic comment, but I don't know how someone could take a friends request the wrong way.......won't happen again Hiza Geri.

Damn lawyers. Always on the defensive.

Chill out, chief.

I didn't know or hadn't heard anything about you before, which is why I asked the question on this board. If you hadn't noticed, even the state boards get "spammed" by threads no one really cares about. I didn't know if it was a "mass friend request". Perhaps sending me an email or "mmatv mail" would have been in order, so that exactly what happened wouldn't have happened. You approached me, remember?

BTW, I sincerely hope you do well with your venture. Now is a good time to get into the business, I guess. Good luck.

Diplomacy? You should have filed an injunction or something cool instead.

YOU are the reason why we hear crap about "frivolous law suits"!!

lol@ a lawyer pointing that^^^ finger in any direction but his own!

you gonna be at class today Hiza?

 I sent a message to Hiza apologizing for the mix up, it was my bad.  I don't spam anyone and I try not to post to often.  I saw one of his posts and thought it was funny.  Had I known he was a lawyer I would have worded my request better. lol.  I have been a cop for 13 years and have had plenty of dealing with lawyers and they are similar to cops, suspicious of everything.  


lol@ your epic failure of a friend request.

guy has like 400 plus "friends" on this is the worst experience he has had out of all those requests.

I can't stop laughing at how badly this turned out for you.

LOl@ Highlighting "LOL" and "hiza"

Yes, I'll be there to stretch you out, today!

Actually, those guys are pretty cool and I'll post their website as soon as it gets fixed - someone messed their site up.

I feel bad about being so suspicious, but I'm an old geezer AND a lawyer! Bad combo.

LOL@ Hiza's definition of "pretty cool" and "stretching out".

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