Frye returns to the US at KOTC?

From UFC to Pride to K1 and now to King of the Cage?

Oh man, what happened to him?

its called making some money,beleive it or not some of the smaller shows pay better to certain fighters,win or lose fryes always showed great heart and toughness whenever he fights,ttt for don

I'm glad he's fighting again in the U.S. I welcome his return.

I love watching my uncle fight.

He looked very muscled up in his K-1 match against Akebono.

It was good to see him in better form against Akebono, prior to that he was looking pretty bad physically!

frye also said ken broke both his ankles and he consequently got hooked on pain killers

He didn't look that great against Akebono. You could see the fat deposits, though he looked better than his sad pro-wrestling gig before that.

What's he making to "work" for KOTC?

Frye himself said in the post fight interview "I need to take some time off and heal my (legs) are truly fucked up, ...and that ain't no bullshit."