Frye vs. Roger Gracie

I guess I missed this news a month ago or whatever. Which promotion is the MFC? Gracie's first mma fight and it is against Frye.

Roger will submit him. Fact.

Could be Frye by knock out. He will sprawl against Roger's takedowns....maybe. Okay, anything can happen.

Roger will armdrag him, take his back and choke him out.

roger, the future will leave with fry's stash

I could see a brutal sprawl and brawl TKO if this was Don Frye of ten years ago, but Frye's not that guy anymore.

Tough way to start your MMA career!

Roger will take his back after pulling guard and choke him out.

I doubt Frye has anything left.

Suppose to be Nov. 11th for some MFC promotion. Anyone know the promotion. Fight is talked here Article was from last month. Probably talked about on here. First I had seen of it. Just was curious. It's a superfight on MFC's Russia vs. USA ppv. Is this the promotion. ?

Frye by Mustache smother.

MFC apparantly a Canadian outfit, think this is their first US card. It's in California and I'm hoping to go (if I've saved up enough airmiles by then)

Frye by "fisticuffs"


My favourite thing about Hockey is the fact that fighting is referred to in the rules as Fisticuffs. Definitely a phrase that should be used more.

TTT for official replacement of TKO with Fisticuffs on fighters records.

Roger by Frye entering the ring injured and fighting anyway.

Hope Roger boxes better than most of the other Brazilians!!