(Ft. Collins)King-Rockies Results?

Anybody have results from the King of the Rockies show tonight in Fort Collins, Colorado?

good luck, cruz.








Shannon won by heel hook R1

Who did Shannon fight?

How many people showed for the event?

Thanks man.

I'll do my best from memory:

Women's boxing was a oneside hammering, not much technique but the girl (local favorite) was aggressive.

Del Hawkins won in impressive fashion (not sure who he fought)

Cruz Chacon Vs. Josh Koschek: Cruz tapped with 3 seconds left, he was on bottom most of the fight. He was trying for submissions but basically was just kind of smothered.

Keith Wilson vs. ???... doctor stoppage in the second on a cut to Wilson. 1st round was all wilson though

Mike Kyle Vs. Dan Chase.. I blinked and this one was over. Mike Kyle won

Shannon Ritch vs. Ray Elbe .. Ritch by heelhook.

Brian Ebersole AKA Vs. ... Ebersole

Brett Shafer Vs. Steve Sayegh... good showing and the win for Brett, who had the crowd behind him

Andrew Williams Vs. Jake Hattan (Team Thunder).. Jake controls the bout through out and finishes with rear naked. Solid win.. Jake showed he can carry "main event" status.

Overall it was a decent show, hats off to Jake for matchmaking, cornering ( even the fight right before his!) and fighting.

My highlight was Frank Shamrock grabbing the mike from the announcer and working a little magic and playing up the next event by having ??? call out Jake.

Also.. Eric Heinz is a GREAT referee.

as to the crowd #'s.. it was pretty bare. maybe 500-600 in a 7500 seat arena.

Congrats to Lonnie Noah on his first pro MMA show.

Hawkins was suppose to fight Mike French and Ebersole was suppose to fight Shane Tate. do those names sounds familiar? TTT for more info on the results.

Hawkins did not fight French.. I do know that

Did Carney win?

no, Brian Ebersole beat him.

"Hicks is going to be a stud,remember that name "

Hicks thumbed Keith Wilson in the eye from all accounts I heard ....His eye wouldnt dilate so the doctor wouldnt let Keith continue ....I heard Keith was handing him his ass before the thumb and that the fight will be reviewed to see if is going to be ruled a no-contest ,,which I heard will most likely happen........

I agree that Jake Hatten looked very good in his fight.

Also, Eric Heinz did an excellent job as the referee. He actually had probably the best footwork of the night...LOL


You are right about the Wilson fight, he was winning the first with easy. He got caught with a good punch in the first round that had swollen up his right eye. He said the guy was really greased up and was having a hard time holding on to him. In the seconded he caught a thumb to the eye and the Doc stopped it on that. They defiantly need to review the fight