Fujita/Thomson Fight

Two things to look for when watching the fight:

  1. Thompson's kicks*
  2. Blood hitting the camera lense

*too funny

I'm glad I'm not the only one that found the blood on the lense amusing. Thomson impressed me, the guy is growing as a fighter and is only 26. Props to Fujita though, I'm looking forward to seeing the second round of the tournament.

Thompson impressed you?

Wow, that's probably the best I've ever seen Thompson fight - but as soon as he gasses his chin turns to glass, a la Wlad Klit!

Honestly I thought you wrote Thompson's Tits. He seemed to have bit of the gyno going there.

That said, he is an enourmous individual and fought better than he ever has.

Got a kick out of Trigg saying that this was one of the best fights he'd seen.

Thompson will somehow end up in UFC and we will have 2  Mohawk Champs............

"Got a kick out of Trigg saying that this was one of the best fights he'd seen."


Yeah, I was wondering "WTF is he talking about?"

not tall enough and too heavy


Thompson did well. A lot better than a lot of people give him credit for....
He gets a lot of (undeserved) shit from the noobs that have just watched the "I watch a lot of dvd's" HL vid.

He's a young guy with a lot of potential if he can improve his cardio and lose some weight. I think he came in at 127kg for the Fujita fight.

Unfortunately, he will always have to adapt his gameplan to protect his weak chin.

Thompson impressed me, he now fights with control...I only worry that this will make him less marketable in Japan :(

He does need to work on cardio...those arms sure as hell looked heavy at the end...

Props to Iron Head!

I thought that Thompson was doing really well. It appeared Fujita was having awkward moments fighting someone so much taller than him. Even though their weight was within 15-20 lbs of each other, Thompson looked like a beast, he dwarfed Fujita.

When Fujita finally started coming with the heat, I was standing and screaming at the tv. It was just freakin awesome that Fujita turned the table like that. I honestly didn't anticipate that at all after seeing one after one of Fujita's futile attempts to hurt Thompson in the clinch. Great fight.

great ending.

Thompson should have kept throwing leg kicks instead. He's not gonna KO fujita

"Yeah, I was wondering "WTF is he talking about?"

Of course you did, because a stand up brawl with the crowd on its feet, sure is not great.

Ironlung do us a favor and dont post on another pride thread.

GO back to serving dana his coffee in the morning.

Thompson looked great, he was totally in control until he gassed. Of all the oversized fighters he's the one with the most real potential along with Junior Silva IMO