Fujiwara - Knee Bar w/ a "Twist"





Has anyone tried this one at practice yet? (or do you just enjoy watching it on your computer, lol)

Got it twice last week.


Sorry. Is this really new to everyone? I thought everyone did this. This is just the way it's done. Submission Bible covers it. Also Paulson's stuff.

Any idea how many series Fujiwara made?

As I once posted, there are a pile of boxes at the back of my gym stacked full of VHS tapes - I have noticed a bunch of Fujiwara stuff in there.
Just wondered if it was the same series that was for sale on Jakes site.

I think I will begin to dig through them tonight and look to rescue anything that looks interesting onto DVD.

I love watching Fujiwara work with his assistants. LOL You know he's one of those old schoolers who just has to make it hurt for a little longer than you like, just to get that little squeal and contortion of the face from his understudies. Cracks me up every time.