Full cast revealed for TUF 13

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                                Full cast revealed for TUF 13

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Name: Nordin “Fist of Tangier” Asrih
Age: 32
Trains: Dusseldorf, Germany – Pride Gym
MMA record: 16-5-1

• Name: Shamar Bailey
Age: 28
Trains: Indianapolis, IN – Integrated Fighting Systems
MMA record: 10-3

• Name: Len “The Liger” Bentley
Age: 27
Trains: Olympia, WA – Victory Athletics
MMA record: 9-4-0

• Name: Michael “Mick” Bowman
Age: 26
Trains: Liverpool, England – Wolfslair
MMA record: 7-2-0

• Name: Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell
Age: 26
Trains: Moultrie, GA – Team Reality
MMA record: 8-1

• Name: Chris “C-Murder” Cope
Age: 28
Trains: San Diego, CA – Arena MMA
MMA record: 4-1

• Name: Zachary Davis
Age: 26
Trains: Rockville, MD – Evolve / Team Lloyd Irvin
MMA record: 4-1-0

• Name: Anthony “El Cucuy” Ferguson
Age: 26
Trains: Ventura, CA – Knuckleheadz Boxing
MMA record: 10-2-0

• Name: Clay Harvison
Age: 30
Trains: Marietta, GA – X3 Sports
MMA record: 6-1-0

• Name: Myles “Fury” Jury
Age: 22
Trains: San Diego, CA – Victory
MMA record: 9-0

• Name: Ryan McGillivray
Age: 24
Trains: Edmonton, Alberta Canada – Legends Training Centre
MMA record: 11-4-1

• Name: Ramsey Nijem
Age: 22
Trains: Orem, UT – River Academy / The Pit
MMA record: 4-1-0

• Name: Charlie “Superstar” Rader
Age: 29
Trains: New Orleans, LA – Power MMA
MMA record: 16-5

• Name: Javier “Chunty Boy” Torres
Age: 25
Trains: Las Vegas, NV – Team Tompkins
MMA record: 3-0-0

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• Name: Anthony "El Cucuy" Ferguson
Age: 26
Trains: Ventura, CA – Knuckleheadz Boxing
MMA record: 10-2-0

Sorry, but that nickname will forever belong to Jaime Jara!


Can someone ban this asshole already?

 War Chris Cope!

Shamar Bailey!!! Phone Post

 Interesting nicknames...

Who's going to be this years Junie? Phone Post

"Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell"

Is he an assassin who is black or an assassin of blacks?

Vid of the fighters. I love how they basically give away who will win and lose by their intros (hint: if they just say their name and record, they ain't going far).

 Myles Jury! go get em

LOL @ at "the Liger", "El Cucuy" & "Chunty boy"!!!

Neil Funk -  Myles Jury! go get em


Michael Bowman will take it. Phone Post

Myles Jury! Takes it all!

 Clay Harvison (http://nextmmafighter.com/?p=2961) and Shamar Bailey (http://nextmmafighter.com/?p=1179) did some interviews with NextMMAFighter.com

I'm a little surprised Andre Galvao and Karl Amoussou didn't make it into the house.

Me too, I was looking forward to seeing them in action. Phone Post

 Clay Harvison is legit. I hope to see him do well.

Did Dhiego LIma try out? He has an impressive win over Caldwell

 Some sick nicknames there. "The Liger" FTW.