Full Story-- Tito in Pro Wrestling

There has been a lot said about the announcement that Tito Ortiz would be making an appearance on a TNA pro wrestling show in May. The full story is on MMAWeekly's News page right now, including what specific role Ortiz will have on the show, who else was considered for the role, why TNA management ultimately went with Ortiz, how many dates has Ortiz committed to, how much money Ortiz will be making, what level of business TNA does as compared with the UFC, what the huge obstacle is that's preventing Ortiz from ever signing with WWE, and what prospects Ortiz has in the pro wrestling industry should he decide to actually wrestle some matches.

It's all on MMAWeekly's news page for Wednesday, on the right-hand column. Also on the news page but under the "Monday" tab, check out my article on "Bracketology and the Pride Grand Prix," with the three most likely scenarios from a business standpoint for the quarter-finals of the Pride Grand Prix. Any thoughts that you have on either one of these articles would be appreciated in this thread.

Thanks Ivan, I copied this from another thread.

The thing about Tito for me was he is (was) a fighter... All the schtik he goes on with I just wrote off as hype or 'being a fighter'...
I can't stand pro wrestling though, sorry, but see you Tito, hope all that crap works out for you.

cool. just a note on your daily news for wednesday sylvia is constantly referred to as silva.

Charles--- That's actually Joe Silva (the UFC matchmaker) and Tim Sylvia. Silva, as in the UFC matchmaker Joe Silva, is referred to as Silva; Sylvia, as in the UFC fighter Tim Sylvia, is referred to as Sylvia. I'd hate to have to say that five times fast, though. lol

Your initial post is Meltzer-tastic!

SYLVIA PLAYS WAITING GAME FOR UFC 53 -- "...UFC Matchmaker Joe Silva will have his hands full to find more heavyewights for Silva to fight."

Koma--- Lol, you're right that the preview style is identical. But Meltzer's previews for articles are like a thousand words long, I don't know how he does it.

TNA's Jeremy Borash is now in California to shoot one or more promos with Tito Ortiz. The footage will be used on the next two weeks of pre-recorded "TNA Impact" shows to promote the May 15th Hard Justice PPV. Ortiz will not be appearing on any of the TNA Impact shows live because he wasn't there for the TV taping in Orlando this past Tuesday. But TNA will use the footage shot by Jeremy Borash in California this week to use Ortiz on the shows in pre-recorded segments.