Full TKO results with fight descr.

Could somebody that was at the event possibly post this? with as much detail as possible for those not fortunate enough to be there?

Leong vs Cloutier :very even match Leong won the decision, he was able to put a couple of takedowns and was more agressive on the feet.

Magee vs Tremblay: Stand up action, lot of exchanges, Bryan got caught by a punch and fell on his butt, the ref stopped it a little bit early.

Larenas vs Gouwenberg: stand up action for two rounds, Gouwenberg was in better shape and tko Larenas standing up in the secound round.

Stout vs Jabouin: What a war!!!! Stout had the better on the feet, Jabouin took it to the ground twice taking full mount but Stout reversed it twice, Stout TKO ed Jabouin on his feet late in the secound round.
Fight of the night!!!

Fabianno vs Lee: Fabiano took it to the ground and finished Lee with a side choke in about 1 min 30.

Vigneault vs Brigham: Simba impressed everybody last night, his plan match was well respected as he sprawled perfectly and fell in Brigham's guard almost got caught in an armbar but managed to get out and he stood up stomping Brigham in the stomach, punishes Brigham , took Full mount and won with TKO (strikes).

Ouimet vs Goulet: Ouimet dominated on the feet, took it to the ground dominated there too, took Goulet's back and tried to finish with rear naked choke, Goulet never tapped but the ref stopped the bout anyway, (that ref sucks big time!!!!) anyway Ouimet would have won.

J.Goulet vs Gailbraith: Goulet took it to the ground, full mount Gailbraith showed his back, Goulet finished with rear naked choke in about 1 min in first round.

Loiseau vs Fontaine: Loiseau won with a violent 13 seconds KO.

Coté vs Mahood: Mahood kicked, Coté grabbed his leg and counters with a right, mahood fell on his ass, and Coté finished with strikes.

That's about it!!!

Congrats to everybody, great show and props to DOMINATION FIGHTWEAR fighters: Sam Stout, Bryan Magee, Donald Ouimet and Stephane Vigneault. Thank you guys.