Funky move of the week

Just wana see if I can suucessfully post pics. Also I thought this move looks really cool. Its called Ginnaree Len Nam and its translated as Throw up the heel. Looks like maybe Bruce learnt some old MT? =)

Yeah I did it! I thought I'd never get it to work.

Oh my god! I had forgotten that move! Master K showed it to use once joking around...

Khun Kao



I think this is the coolest move ever from any styles out there. If I manage to pull this off in a match successfully I'll be happy to retire =). Yeah rite I wish, haha. Its called Prarama Dean Dong, translated as The
king "RAM" walks in the forest Movement.

can't see the pic

Sweet Pics

Ok, I think this will be last old MT pic I'll post unless people wana see more. This one's called Ruesee Mud Sra. In English its An
ascetic drive in the pond Movement. Here's how they tell u to execute it. Inserts both hands in the gap of the attacker's guards
and swipes out both sides, then jumps parallel to the floor and strikes the head to the opponent's
face. I love these classical names =).

Skpotamus- r u using explorer? If u still can't see it, right click on where the pic supposed to be and click on properties. You'll see its url and u can go there and see the pic.

I can see them now, shrug, I'm on aol for the summer... please hold the laughter to a minimum,

bts, a kind of funny side note, the first pic is of a technique I've seen before. It was at IU ( indiana University's) Hapkido club, they called it a "Back Shin Kick," they never did it froma headlock, and nobody there could say what the hell it was for when I asked them.

Oh yeah, it looks cool as hell when Jet Li does it too,

More Old MT pics please! Where are they posted at?

Yeah! More! These are really cool pics!

I learnt that throw up the heel technique from kungfu but we didn't use it from the headlock either. I got that from Bruce =). We used as a kick to the groin when back is exposed such as after executing a spinning backfist.

Anyway the pics come from Click on the link on the top that says "Maemai" and from there there's a whole library of techniques you can view. Anyway here's another couple pics for people to enjoy just incase you can't get to the site for some reason.

Ruesee Hern = The
ascetic fly's to the sky Movement.

When the attacker walks in and kicks with the right leg, you bends the body forward and put the left hand out
to press at the hamstring (close to the knee' cap).  The mixes the
strength of the attacker's kicking and the strength of jumping with
both feet, then throws the fist to the attacker's face or to the tip of
the chin.

I thought this was a really unique move. Its called Banpod Thalom translated as The
mountain falls down Movement or one falls down on the shin Movement. You elbow spike the hamstring as he kicks and falls down with your full body weight onto the kicking leg in an attempt to break it. Reminds me of drunken kungfu stuff.

Ok I think that's enough of elbows, headbutts, kicks and knees. I'll finish off with a throw to show what the modern MT guys have been missing out on =P. On a serious note, does anyone know why modern MT chose to exclude throwing techniques when the modern rules were written up? It couldnt be because it was too dangerous considering that they still allowed elbows and knees.

Its called Hanuman Fad Kumpakan or Monkey beats the Giant movement.


I know both those guys. The one in the black is
Dejpitak and the guy in red is Dee. Both of them are
trainers at Sityodtong no

Hi Paulm,

So can u fill us in on these guys and the moves they're doing? What are ur opinions of it? Still useful if trained properly or largely forgotten and left behind by modern MT?

These techniques are largely left behind by modern MT, and, well, some are more effective than others. Some memaimuay is very useful and some is showy and flashy and get you KO'd toot sweet.