funniest moment at UFC 46

Near the end, after we have been hearing all about how many celebrities are there, Goldberg says "and now let's hear what some celebrities thought about this".

And then they put Phil Baroni on. (That was the first laugh). Then he says "I'm not a fan of Team Quest. Actually, I hate Team Quest..." (That was the second laugh).

You gotta like Phil.

Yeah, the finger was hilarious too.

The funniest moment was with Rogan interviewing Serra.

It took him about 3 mins to ask the damn question and Rogan goes, "Look at me, I sound like a babbling idiot." LMFAO

I dont remember Joe interviewing Serra?

"I dont remember Joe interviewing Serra?"

It wasn't on the PPV.

I was at the show slyboogie.

Ya, def. one of the funniest moments in recent memory was Sims fingering Mir while being choked.

Although he didnt show any innovative technique, that fingering method was, ha!