Funny article with Marcelo

This is from  Its an interview with Marcelo Garcia and how's life in the US, what its like to be "the guy to beat" all the time, etc...  I thought this was hilarious:

Have you found yourself in any kind of trouble?
It happens. There is this really gay neighborhood, and I wanted to buy a leather jacket – I always wanted to have a leather jacket. One day, without meaning to, I ended up in the gay neighborhood, and didn’t realize it. So I saw a shop full of leather clothing, and I said “Damn, this place must have my jacket!” I went in, and the guys knew I wasn’t from their gang right away, but didn’t say anything. Only when I grabbed one to try on did I notice there were some weird photos in the dressing room. I left immediately.

Probably not the kind of trouble the interviewer had in mind, but I guess he should have been more specific with the question!



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