Funny Joe Doerksen Story

So I got my UFC 52 dvd today.

I got home and started watching it tonight. My Mom walks in and asks who is fighting? Well, it happens to be Doerksen vs Cote is on.

My Mom is on my fundraising comittee that is helping raise the funds for my walk against cancer.

So she says, "Is that the same Joe Doerksen who donated to your walk?"

I am somewhat surprised she remembered the name because the only fighter she knows is Randy Couture.

So she sits down and watches the fight for a bit. Catches the half of round 2. The beginning of the 3rd round though Doerksen gets caught and goes to the ground and my Mother jumps up and starts screaming for Joe to, and I quote, "Get up! Get up! Get up and beat that guy up!"

Stunned, I look over at her standing there shaking his fists at the tv and she says, "Oh I can't watch this!"

Then Joe reverses and goes on to win and my Mom is cheering. She walks into the kitchen and smacks my step-dad and says, "If you don't be good I'll choke you out."

So, Joe, My Mom at 55+ thinks you're the cat's ass.

Ha ha ha!

55+ ... hmmmmmmmmmm take one for the team Joe


go dougies mom!! :)

MMMMMmmmmmm a true bonified thundercat thinks Joe is the cat's ass......this is going to go straight to Dirty's head in a way that cannot be posted on the UG.

Dougie, for the love of christ don't ever let Joe meet her.

JHR's grandma was a huge Dirte fan until she finally met him...

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ttt for Dougie's mom.

Awesome story...

You should have heard my Mom go off when someone at work tried to tell her that MMA should be banned. At the time a Couture/Liddell commercial started the conversation.

My Mom thinks Randy Couture is on par with Santa Claus and almost ripped this person a new one.

Now she knows Couture and Doerksen. She kills me because if I am watching a new dvd and people come in to watch it with me she starts explaining what they are doing to the new people.


About 4-5 years ago, my Dad came to visit me from Italy. He's always loved fighting and was always an advocate of me fighting, training and getting into the business of fighting.

I slapped in Royce vs. Severn. He watched in pure sadness as Severn proceeded to maul Royce, minute after minute, pounding away on the Brazilian. My Dad turned to me and in italian said, 'this Brazilian has to quit or he's going to die!'.

Thereafter Royce sunk in the triangle and I explained to my Dad what the triangle does to an opponent. He started yelling 'SQUEEZE, SQUEEZE' and when Severn tapped, my Dad starting yelling 'BRAVO, BRAVO', while his eyes filled up with tears.

For me, there's sitting and watching Rocky III with my pops, both teary eyed, italian fools, and then there's watching Royce vs. Severn...I'll do it a million times over.

Cool stories guys, especially yours Joe.

:) Yes, touching stories. Now let me relay a touching MMA story.

Me: "Hi Monkey"

Monkey: punches me in naughty bits - walks off proudly

Me: lays on floor "teary eyed" counting parts

That's a beautiful story man...beautiful...

Why do all Monkey stories end in a horribly painful fashion???

Joe must remember the day at the GTA tournament when Monkey was jokingly yelling at a guy to break another guy's foot with a toelhold, only to bear witness to the guy's foot meeting at both ends. That rocked.

Monkey touched me once..but it wasn't in the naughty bits...:(

I touch my naughty bits all the time and so should you little one