Funny thing about Arlovski cheatin

Did you guys know that:

1 - Arlovski used the fence to secure the armbar win over Brink. He was on Brinks back and started to fall off, grabbed the fence and pulled himself into an armbar.

2 - In the highlight reel for Arlovski in the last UFC they show the armbar over Brink but they skip the part of his transition where he grabs the fence. They show footage from directly before and after the fence grab--it seemed like a deliberate attempt to not show the violation

I don't think it is a big deal but I have never seen anyone post on here about Arlovski's win over Brink being by way of an illegal tactic of grabbing the fence. Fights have been changed to no-contests because of fence grabbing and the rules on fence grabbing were no different when Arlovski and Brink fought as far as I know.

Sherdog used to have this on the site until Zuffa wanted all videos removed. That is where I saw this originally. If someone has the fight from UFC 28 on video and could post it I would appreciate it.

In the end I think Arlovski still would have won. He would not have gotten the armbar without grabbing the fence though because he was almost on his ass at that point.

I just found it amusing because I mentionned this incident to a couple people at the beginning of the last UFC show. We are then sitting there watching the highlight reel for Arlovski and they cut out the part with him grabbing and we just cracked up and the references to the JFK's assination started flying. Conspiracy man, CONSPIRACY! :)

lol, what a question

there was a post about andre grabbin the fence here after that fight

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Beatin' ain't cheatin'!

I don't understand the no grabbing the fence rule. Why can't you use it to avoid going to the ground but the gnper's can use it to stick you in a corner and limit your ability to reverse positions? Seems to favor wrestlers a little too much.

The no fence grabbing rule was instituted after UFC 11 where holding the fence was the most common move of the night. Jerry Bohlander kept Fabio Gurgel on the fence the entire fight by just holding on, and Tank Abbott stalled with his hands on the fence for the entire Ferrozo fight. Also, Tank pulled on the fence for leverage while pushing Sam Atkins head into it.

Jesus Truewrestler... you're still talking about this???

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Arlovski was on the grassy knoll, but Zuffa cut him out of all the footage.

"Arlovski used the fence to secure the armbar win over Brink. He was on Brinks back and started to fall off, grabbed the fence and pulled himself into an armbar."

Ricco used the fence in like every fight he's had.

Tons of fighters grab the fence, and the rule is enforced sporadically. They just need to get rid of it.

If a fighter can be pinned into the fence and pummeled, then he should have the chance to use the fence to his advantage as well...