FURY: return of yamatodamashi

The fight was an overall success.. the card was stacked and the venue was packed to full capacity. Four of the event's seven fights were finished before an hour had passed, with none of the fights lasting a full round.

In the night's first fight,it was eugene sunega taking on Purebred Guam's Robert "The cable guy" Gutierriez. Gutierriez won via Arm bar from the guard.

Next,PUREBRED's Toshikazu Iseno, making his professional debut, forced 808 Fight Factory's Ed Newalu to submit to a rear naked choke in the first round.

In the next bout, Kaipo Miller of Grappling Unlimited won by TKO after taking Bob Ostovich out on knee blows that didnt appear to be much, drawing "boos" from the crowd.

In one of the nights most anticipated fights ED nanguata of Purebred GUAM took on long time rival Ben urquizo, Nanguata quickly took the fight to the ground with a Matt Hughes type slam, dazing urquizo and then finishing urquizo with punches.. In the last fight before the double main event, Tongan Kolo Koka of Grappling Unlimited won on a cornerman intervention over Bryson Monterde, who lasted almost two rounds. Monterde was unable to stand in the second round before his cornerman threw in the towel.

The first of two main events was between top ranked shooto fighter Tetsuji Kato of Purebred omiya and a new comer from next generation Adam Lynn, after 3 rounds of action and 1 round of overtime Lynn pulled off the upset victory, winning both the second and the third round by scoring a couple of nice sakuraba style guard pass stomps and a head kick that almost KO'ed Kato.

The main event was a "grudge Match" between Enson inoue and Nishida despite the obvious 100 pound diffrence, Inoue quickly disposed of the MAMAMOTH in a FURY of punches, a stomp and eventually a choke.