future of TUF my thoughts

Just been sitting at work bored, so I thought right I will come up with a format for taking TUF forward and what Zuffa will most likely do with TUF, as I say this is just my opinion I am not wrong or right just throwing it out there and any input is welcome positive or negative(not too much of that please)

1. regions- looking and listening at what noise is coming out of Zuffa I think I would break it down to TUF north america(US/Canada/Mexico) TUF Brazil(plus any other talent from south america) TUF europe(self explanitory) & TUF ASIA(India/china/Japan/Korea/ also throw aussies in there as well)

2. Coaches- was humming and harring about this one, either 2 coaches per region or 1 coach came to the conclusion that 1 coach would be better, so 4 coaches needed who are relavent to each region and also to the other coaches so for example TUF NA- Sonnen TUF Bra-Wandy TUF Eur-Bisping & TUF Asia - Sexyama

3. Broadcast- Us as mma fans demand fights & action 24-7 so each Tuf to be shown on consecuetive days on either a dedicated UFC channel or on UFC.com

3. show format- Right obviously with 1 coach per show there will be no banter between coaches (chickens in car/or blocking cars in) crazy stuff! so as a fight and fighter fan each week I would rather have a insight into the lead coach of that TUF's life and training so I can invest in that fighter. The rest of the show should be made up of the usual house sheningans and the fighters training so I can have insight into them aswell followed by the elmination fight at the end of the show. each Tuf starts with 16 fighters and eventually ends up with 2 finalists left.

4. TUF final- instead of this being a non entity which it is becoming these days, you now have 4 finals taking place with 8 fighters who have won their last 3 fights each. also on the card you have have 2 marquee fights involving the 4 coaches.

5. TUF intercontinetal Final- you then follow up matching the regional winners up ie Europe v Brazil & NA v Asia also on the card the loser v loser of coaches and winner v winner of coaches.

6 TUF world final- obvious next step winning regions v each other and losers the same. flashy name ie world final also stick a top name fight on there and sell it as a PPV.

lol fuck me I talk some shite! just throwing it out there lads!


GhostofaWarrior - Not bad, not bad. Now if we could get these suits to comply <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>

thank you my friend

Tuf should also be 1 per year per region Phone Post

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