FWIW Penn/ldwg,Sudo/roylr thoughts

Watching these fights, I noticed some stuff...

First of all, Penn did dominate Ludwig, who I guess has said that he hasn't been training on the ground lately, and who took the fight on short notice. However, the referee seemed to inadvertently give BJ an advantage by standing in between BJ and Ludwig for a long time, and letting them get closer and closer while not letting the fight begin. As soon as he actually moved, BJ shot, and while Ludwig made the mistake of throwing a punch instead of sprawling, it still looked like an unfortunate, accidental advantage to BJ.

However, BJ still did dominate and looked very good.

With Royler/Sudo... Genki did great, but Royler looked very good to me before he got caught with the knee. He didn't look too horrible on covering up while going for the ankles and stuff. I know he should train MMA more if he intends to fight more, but I just think he did better than descriptions were making it sound. Also, Genki (to me) looked bigger than Royler. I don't know their relative weights. Maybe 145 and 155?

I should mention that I like all these guys and am not looking at all the make excuses for either loser. In fact, I met Genki in Vegas and he was cool as hell and posed for a pic with me and signed a pair of Ouanos for me.

Cool. Everyone agrees with me.

I agree

genki was probably around 160 and royler 145

genki is da man