GA Smoker/ MMA Sparring and Seminar- 1/15/2011

We are hosting a quick 30 minute MMA seminar followed by tournament style sparring (AKA- Smoker).

This event is for beginners and people that just can't put in the time training that’s needed to fight at a real event. This is for your weekend warriors and street fighters that just want to throw down. LOL .

We are going to start at 9am on Sat Jan 15th with registration, weigh ins and matching people up. At 10:30 the seminar will begin followed immediately at 11am by the sparring. Each sparring match will consist of 2 3 minute rounds and a tie breaker if necessary.

The cost of the seminar is $20 and it's mandatory to do the seminar if you want to fight. We will be teaching some basic combos and defense techniques that you will then be able to use when fighting that day. The seminar itself will be hosted by Phillipe Gentry and Paul Chambers. Phillipe is an Alliance Brown Belt that won Pan Ams as a purple and the MMA Ammy ISKA featherweight belt in GA. Paul is primarily a Boxer and Muay Thai fighter that's won the IKF Regional’s and World’s. He's also an Alliance Blue Belt that won some local tournaments in BJJ.

We plan on this event being a lot of fun and a great experience for MMA beginners just starting to learn the game. The combination of the seminar and the sparring with people that are different than the ones you bang with everyday will do wonders for your game.

Please email me with any questions or to let us know if you are planning on coming. It will help us be more organized the day of.