Gameness/Machado VM Gi Size


Thanks to my new job I am going to buy myself an original brasilian gi:O)

I want to buy either Gameness Gold Weave Blue or Machado Vitamins & Minerals (Minotauro?) blue.

I am 5'9"(175cm)150-155lbs(67-70kg). When it comes to Machado V&M I am almost sure it should be A2 but I don't know which size of Gameness is ok. It's because one guy in my club who's about my size has A3 Gameness and said that first the sleeves where too long but after washing it shrunk.

Is it common for Gameness to shrink after washing it (several times)?

Which size of Gameness should I buy: A3 or A2? Is MAchado V&T A2 ok for me? And finally which of the two is better (I find Gameness a little bit better for my taste as it is more simple when it comes to patches)

Thank You for responses in advance and greetings


ttt ??


thank sen! Are You higher or lower than me? I understand that You were machado A2 top, it that correct?

any more ideas?

greetings from Poland :O)


manara, e-mail me and I'll forward you the phone of Gameness. They will be able to help you with sizing.carol@casca-grossa.comTeam Casca Grossa
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