Gameness Platinum Weave Gi

I'm looking to buy one, but I'm really confused on the sizing. I am 5'6 and around 145 +/- 2 lbs. The sizes for gameness are

A1....5'-2" - 5'-6" 110 lbs - 135 lbs
A2....5'-7" - 5'-9" 140 lbs - 165 lbs
A3...5'-10" - 6'-0" 167 lbs - 200 lbs
A4...6'-1" - 6'-3" 205 lbs - 245 lbs.
A5...6' 4" and up

I'm kind of stuck between an A1 and an A2. I called their customer service and the lady recommended A2, but I think the jacket and pants might be too long for me. The gameness platinum is suppose to be pre-shrunk too so I'm not sure how much the A2 will shrink if i wash and dry it.

I'm hoping someone here with more experienced can provide some input. Thanks.

I'm 5'7" (really 5'6"1/2) and walk around 155. I owned one of their first generation platinum weaves and the sleeves were about 1 inch too long. I bought a new one at Christmas, and the fit is perfect. I do not dry it, though, only hang dry.

Get the A-2. I'm 5'9 and 170, and the A3 fits me like a nice suit. The pants are also a tiny bit short for me.

uuhhh, yeah, get the A-2 (just noticed I never stated what size I got...)

Another vote for the A2. I'm a little bigger than you and my A2 is too small after repeated drying so my old one would probably fit you perfectly.

thanks guys! i'll go for the A2. finding stuff that fits is hard when you're short.

You are prob good with an A1 i have an a4 and im almost 6'4"
it hasn't shunk on me and iv'e had it for about 3 yrs now.
love the pearl weave it's my fav gi